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We will host the debate for upcoming SINCA sessions (May 2 for prep session and May 9 for the full-blown session) after some time.  As I was preparing the prep. session for this coming Sunday, it occurred to me  the public debate on Olympics by the two teams-each consists of government official, Tokyo Metropolitan government, athletes and health care experts, for example. We debated the topic Olympics a few times before and I did not want to do it again for SINCA session.  However, the topic of Olympics is very important for Japan and lends itself so well to debate.

I came to think that the people involved with this decision should form teams to debate  and the debate should be live streamed  to make it open and transparent.  For this debate, facts will be disclosed and analyzed (we need fact-checkers?) and both arguments will be exhausted to some extent.

As it stands, I feel we are blocked from discussion/negotiation and facts/analysis, and as in many cases in Japan, we will be left in darkness.  That way, we will lose trust (it has already been lost to some extent) and we can stop wondering why IOC does not seem to care about  the public opinion in Japan, and whether negotiations are taking place behind closed doors.  I think by holding open debate, ,more facts/analyses are disclosed and we can judge whether these people can make logical argument.


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