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This afternoon, we did #4 of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS2019) at Roppongi Academy hills. As this year’s theme is “Working across differences” and we wanted to practice how we argue effectively when we have sharply divided views.  We did two rounds of debate with two different statement.  There are few people who have done debate before the session, and majority seem to have difficulty setting the structure of debate.  i.e. We need definition of the terms and clearly state the reasons to support your position.

The topic was related to HR issues now often discussed in Japan.  The first one is impact of having two  independent board members on diversity, and the second one related to retirement age.  For both rounds, there remained unresolved issue and the debate was not quite effective.

During the discussion afterwards, some leaning seems to have taken place i.e. the need to define the terms at the beginning and to focus on the reasons to argue your position, either affirmative or negative, given the limited time. I hope participants use debate approach in their everyday life as with practice you learn how to argue effectively from one position.

After debate, we had discussion on how we should apply technology such as AI to make our life easier. We focused on the use of technology for the elderly, and the discussion was quite interesting.  Those who are faced with the care for the elderly tend to have specific view on the issue.

I joined the get-together held at Orange, Midtown, and enjoyed talked with people on a variety of topics.  It was a good way to get to know the participants better.  Thanks for arranging the get-together.  We have one more session left in three weeks.


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