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 At KMD, we had three rounds of debate (casual, informal) by the six student teams for Strategy class. I usually plan debate session early in the course as it is a great way to get students engaged in group work, and active discussion.

Today was no exception (in fact, this year’s class has been very actively engaged from the class session #1! )
Topics were selected by students votes last week from a list of some 30 or so. Three topics selected for today were:
1. Basic universal income is good.
2. Auto drive is safer.
3. World without borders is good (what we should strive for.)

Each team has 5 minutes to build their argument initially, followed by discussion for 12 minutes. 2 min. summary from each team ends the debate.
It was very interesting and students were so actively engaged. This year’s topics were quite broad and current, while in some years, more business related topics are selected. Each year, the topics and the discussion reflects the characteristics of that particular class.

I was listening (thus took easy unlike case discussion which I lead) and enjoyed every minute of it. Students wanted to spend more time to continue discussion. I promised we will have another informal session where we could discuss not only these global/social topics but also career related issues. I am very excited about the course this year!

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