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Hiro1 Today was the last class of Competitive Strategy taught by our Dean Hiro Takeuchi.  We will have one more class this Term on Thursday, but it will be Michael Porter’s lecture.

So we (students, faculty and staff) decided to give a big Farewell to Hiro T to show our appreciation, ICS style.  We had exchanged e-mail with code T(op Secret) project and arranged to line up right before his class ends.   All the faculty members and the staff waited outside of the classroom  and rushed into the classroom when the class was over and students gave a big hand to Hiro for the last class.

Hiro2Our new Dean, Chris, presented him with the flowers and a big kiss.  We asked for “speech” from the Dean Hiro T.  (Some of us thought that he might cry.)   He made a speech, saying it is time to pass the baton to the new leader group.  He made it sound very positive, which I thought fit his style very much.   Hiro Takeuchi is the kind of person to find something good and positive in almost everything.

At the end, the student  ed rep. Nick gave him SANBON JIME.  It was such a memorable day and I am delighted that I was able to attend this memorable event.

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