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I have some fun at the circuit class I go to every morning while in Whistler. One is funny names some exercise has.  The one I love are Dead Bug and Wood Chop. I did not get the names Dead bug and Wood chop first, but once I got the names, I know the meaning. Before I write about them on my blog, I searched these words on the Internet.  A long list shows up and some show video of the movement with instructions.  (Other exercises than these have rather straight names such as  push ups, plank, triceps curl, squat, mountain climber, airplane  etc.)    If you want to check what they mean, search under these names. You can watch video with instructions.

Another item I enjoy at the circuit class is to see how people dress.  Some change every day and each one is color-coordinated–from the top to the sneakers.  Others seem to wear the same thing every time. (I am not sure whether they have many of the same style.)  I alternate among the three different kinds –mainly the shorts or medium length pants or long pants with different T shirt depending upon the mood of the day.

Most men seem to take it easy and do not quite follow the instructions except one or two hard-core & super fit men. Once I was with three other men who are lazy types(The instructor warned me what I was getting into!) and had to show them each move as they did not listen to or forgot the demo at the beginning!  It was fun, and kicked off the day on the light note.  We cannot be serious all the time.  We need to have fun, however strenuous the circuit is!

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