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The first day of DayOne began at 10:00 on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at Monaco.   It began a bit later than scheduled time, but having two artists who sang at the opening really helped to engage the audience.  Denis, founder of DayOne began the event by introducing the objective and introducing people who have supported the event. (This is my guess as I did not have earphone for translation!)

As in this type of events, some sessions took a bit longer the time I was to moderate the Deep Dive on the subject of “gig economy worldwide”   quite a few adjustments were needed.  Compared with the panel the day before,(on the topic of Employability Challenge at Innovative City) I did not have a chance to meet with the three speakers (one of them was No show) and new person took the role of second speaker.

Right before we were supposed to start, we found out that the new speaker who took over the original speaker had to take helicopter right after the session.  At the last minute, the organizer decided to collapse two sessions I was supposed to moderate into one. The big announcement  by the company of one of the speakers,  Deliveroo,  offering benefit to workers so that they can have both Security and Flexibility was supposed to be made at the end of the session with Denis showing up to explain.

As we began the Deep Dive, the speaker started talking about the announcement which I had assumed to save until the end.  We proceeded as if nothing happened! and I finished the Deep Dive session in little over 20 minutes.  Denis showed up and made a big announcement with the speaker.  I missed the timing to leave the stage, so I ended up staying on stage when they were making announcement.

Despite the confusion and last minute changes, I was relieved as my role of moderator was finished in one shot.

I decided to stay on after my session as we heard that the Prince, who is a big supporter of this event, would show up. I wanted to find out what he looks like.

All of a sudden the big hall was full of people and we were ready to welcome the Prince by standing up!  Unfortunately the Prince did not come as he had some urgent matter to address.  So my big hope was gone and many people left when they found out that the Prince would not show up.

I stayed on despite this incident and took the bus  when all the sessions were finished.  I came back to the hotel little before 8:00 pm when it was already dark. I was invited to dinner but decided not to come, as it was not close to the hotel and I wanted to walk around Monaco.

I also wanted to walk around and found out a bit more about Monaco. I changed to casual clothes and put on sneakers, went out to walk around.  It was a beautiful (a bit chilly) evening and the walk was nice.  I decide to have light supper at cafe nearby, which turned out to be casual and nice.  (I followed the advice by the staff there and tried very nice salad with avocado, shrimp, grapefruit and green asparagus.  With beer on tap, I thoroughly enjoyed big salad with fresh vegetables.  I managed to walk back to the hotel and had relaxing evening..

I learned several things from the sessions such as mobility, wellness, and future of work.  I also learned Do’s and Don’ts of organizing this type of event.  So with a bit of confusion, it was a good day.

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