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I went to the event hosted by CiRA (Center for iPS Cell Research & Application at Kyoto University) for people who contributed to the iPS fund. I have heard Dr. Yamanaka, Nobel laureate speak before and have been very impressed with his activities. Every time we did auction at our seminar series, I donated our proceeds to CiRA.
I was lucky to be invited to the event as I applied last year. The event consisted of the talk by Dr. Yamanaka and Dr. Eto. We had group picture session at the end.
Dr. Yamanaka began his speech on serious note as the recent news that the research funded by this fund had some flaws. He then explained the progress of the research, which was very interesting to me. His speech was followed by Dr.Eto who explained their research on platelet. I was fascinated by the functions of platelet.
The place was packed and the gentleman who came from Hokkaido who sat next to me and I started talking. It was very interesting conversation and I appreciated the opportunity.
The event ended with series of group pictures with Dr. Yamanaka.
Later in the evening, I went to the charity concert for iPS and CiRA at the Kioi Hall. I happened to find about the concert and bought the ticket a while ago.
Dr. Yamanaka was more relaxed when he gave a speech as he talked about his father and his friend, Hirao. Some of his stories almost made me cry as I had the similar experience of losing my husband to cancer.
He then explained how Ray Chen, violist, and he met at the Nobel prize concert in 2012.
In Part 2, Ray Chen played three pieces including Bach’s Chaconne. He was extraordinary and so powerful.
I recalled how music frees my spirit and touches my heart. It was such impressive and inspiring day for me.

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