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Today, November 30, has been a full day for me, with board meeting, memorial service, second last class at KMD and JWLI dinner discussion.
The class at KMD/CEMS was a series of presentation by four student groups on application of block chain concept to other areas than financial services. We had Dr. Yoshihama of IBM few weeks ago who gave us the lecture on Block Chain. Students developed ideas to apply the concept. Two teams focused on certain areas such as music industry and criminal data, while the other two tried to list a few application areas such as voting, digital contents, etc. Dr. Yoshihama and two people from IBM watched the presentation and made comments. It was an interesting exercise to stretch our imagination. The students gave me a bag of goodies with nice card AND the polaroid picture we took on the spot. It has been fun learning new things together with these young people full of energy. I had a wonderful time.
 Later in the evening I went to the dinner discussion hosted by Margot Carrington, Minister-Counselor of Public Affairs, US Embassy. I joined 2017 JWLI mentees an mentors. I have supported JWLI (Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative) and have met with some members, but it was the first time I met with Atsuko Fish, co founder of Fish Family foundation. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and heard many interesting things from other guests as well. I am very honoured to be invited to this dinner (though I was not either mentor or mentee!) We took a group picture at the end and we all received a nice bag of JWLI.  On December 4, there will be champion of change event which I plan to attend.
So the day was full and I had to rush from one place to another which exhausted me,  but it was full of memorable events. I am grateful.

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