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Today, November 27, is Thanksgiving day in the US.  When I was in the US., I see people think of things we are thankful for on this day.  As I think of this spirit, I am thankful for the great opportunities I have been given in the past several months since I “retired” from the formal position at the university.   In fact, I am having a great time and have fun. Thus, there are so many things I am thankful for.

As I reflect back the past two weeks, I have been given opportunities to address a variety of groups through keynote speech, workshop, etc. AND to join lunch/dinner with great group of people- young and old, top management, entrepreneurs, from Japan, India, US, UK, and New Zealand.

Sometimes I get exposed to so many new, different and interesting that I feel too intellectually and psychologically stimulated.     Many new ideas keep emerging and evolving.

So on this day, I am thankful for how fortunate I am.  Without “turkey,”  I am celebrating the day..

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