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I spent several hours today playing the role of “fake” domestic help.  I heard very creative story at one of our SINCA sessions that she decided to take a role of “housewife” (her ideal role?) after trying to find idea husband in vain.  I liked her innovative  approach and decided to try it myself.  I usually have domestic help come to my apartment to do laundry, iron (one of my blind spots), bed making, vacuum etc.  I did not have my regular help today (I asked not to come last night), so I decided to try this “fake” role. (After all, laundry, iron, bed making etc. is needed!)  I wear NASA cap!

AI did laundry three times (not much of the problem as washer/dryer does almost everything), went out for groceries, managed to iron two sets of sheets (this was such a challenge though I used the new iron!), made bed etc. etc.  I decided not to vacuum as it is not my strength and I can live with some dust!  (hahaha!)

I ended up spending several hours with this task.  My lower back hurts pretty bad, from ironing two sets of sheets! (You can tell from featured photo…)

I found the experience kind of fun, however, as I felt I became a different person!  When we have some items which we must do, but not too excited, making the story and creating the setup may help. You want to try?

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