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While I am quite concerned about my Dad’s status, my day proceeds with many activities this week (I believe many things taking place as Obon holidays last week are over and many are back to work).

It began with board meeting and meeting this morning where outside board members participating virtually while executives met at the office.  I thought we had good, productive discussion, particularly when the media reports how many companies and economies suffered significantly from Covid-19.   Three hour online meeting, even with breaks here and there, is quite exhausting, as it requires concentration.  (I appreciate that we were spared by attending online, instead of going to the office in this brutally hot weather!).

I had another meeting which I found useful for myself, as I realized the importance of listening carefully and of trying to go to the main issues.

I wanted to go to see my Dad who developed fever yesterday and diagnosed as pneumonia by the doctor yesterday.  (I needed to make an arrangement for the nurse to come by everyday to give him necessary treatment).  I heard that his fever came down this morning and he may be able to eat some fruits etc.  I brought water melon, peaches now in season and ice cream.  I was told to put PPE by the care people (at the instruction by the doctor) until midnight tonight.

With fully equipped, I went to my Dad’s room, to find that he looked quite exhausted.  (In fact, he looks even more so in photo.)  I fed? him with pieces of peach and he ended up eating a whole thing.  I managed to get him have some liquid, too.  I hope his temperature stays down and he can start having some food.

I came home to watch Yamakazu talk series by Asahi Culture Center.  (I am to join Kazuki san on Thursday and thus have been watching yesterday and today.)  I find it much longer (over 2 hours!) and topics quite academic, philosophical and heavy.  (Much more so than I had expected!  so I am a bit at a loss as to what we talk on Thursday!)

In the meantime, Democratic national convention has begun on Monday in a very different manner from before and I want to follow even partially.

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