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Today, I had exciting and interesting lunch with friends. (Will write with whom etc. once I receive their OK)  I learned many new things during the talk and got all excited.  Lunch was outdoor at the terrace on beautiful day and as such I felt all energized.  It has been several months (probably close to a year since I was in the Roppongi area!)

On my way, I found that New Art Center of Tokyo had Kashiwa Sato show and decided to visit on my way back from lunch.  Kashiwa Sato is one of my favorite artists and it has been a while since I was exposed to collection of his work.  The show is quite overwhelming and I realized the sheer volume is itself a way leading to great work.

I saw many young people lining up to enter the venue and they looked happy.  I almost forgot that we have Covid-19 in Japan, too.  I felt very refreshed with these two activities.  I feel I will get my energy back (With my struggle to sort document to review my activities last year, I was totally exhausted physically and mentally!)  I needed some inspiring experience and today was it!

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