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 Day 3 of the Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum has been underway. Prime Minister Theresa May of the UK is just giving a speech.

In the past, some people start leaving the venue by the last day. However, this year is an exception, as the US President Trump will give a closing address on the last day. It has been some two decades since the US President is at Davos (I was there when President Clinton was there in 2000).
While Prime Minister Macron and Chancellor Merkel advocated the need for global trade and collaboration, how would “America First” principle by President Trump be received? Would he strongly appeal that principle there? These are the questions in many people’s mind and unlike other years, the US media is busy reporting on Davos.
At our #55 session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we will watch live stream from Davos (hopefully of President Trump’s speech) and discuss among ourselves. It will be VERY interesting to see how the world leaders discuss/debate in front of the whole world!

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