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As I am recovering from the exhaustion & lack of sleep in Tokyo, I began enjoying time in Milano.  It is always exciting experience to visit the new place (I have been to Milano and other Italian cities, but it has been over two decades!) and find many things exciting (sometimes too much as yesterday as my purse was almost snatched!)

The second day was beautiful with sun out and I went to the central station to pick up ticket to Malpensa when I come back from Florence and also to make sure I know the platform and the procedure to get on the train.  I found more small shops on the second floor of the station including natural food place.

I then hopped onto the city bus again and went to Duomo/Galleria area.  I wanted to visit Da Vinci Museum which I passed by yesterday.  I knew a little about Leonard Da Vinci, and thought what else to do in Milano than visiting Da Vinci museum.  It was such a magnificent museum as it combined digital and analog technologies to bring back what Da Vinci has drawn in sketches etc.  I was totally overwhelmed by his creativity, imagination and discipline to make sure that others could follow his creative mind.  With digital technology, you can see how the pieces can be put together, how each component works etc.  I saw ideas/creations which are now traced back to today’s inventions and innovations. Flying, auto drive, musical instrument etc. etc.  After spending almost two hours, I walked around Galleria area and sat at the cafe for cappuccino. It was such a stimulating, inspiring and relaxing time for me.  (It is one of few occasions I visit other places with no assignment-such as speech, talk, facilitation etc.- and I am enjoying every minute of it.)

I then went back to the hotel, to review the seminars/talks I did while in Tokyo, sorted name cards I exchanged during the three days, and prepare for the upcoming events after I go back to Tokyo at the end of this month.  I want to make best of these meetings and need to figure out how I can continue contacts with the people.

After reviewing/planning for a few hours, I am off to dinner at the restaurant recommended by the hotel staff (finally, I could not wait until 7 pm before as I was still jet-lagged.) Photo on the left is my appetizer-beef carpaccio.

Dinner was nice and I went back satisfied… Now I am off to Firenze this morning to join my friend there.  Now I am with resident expert, so I am looking forward to find out many more things.

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