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As I have been trying to catch up with Shiseido Global Kick off yesterday (which turned out to have very exciting topic -proprietary), followed by meeting to plan the upcoming session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series yesterday,  Day 1 of Annual Meeting of the Forum was finished. Day 2 has been underway, while I attended Shiseido Japan kick off this afternoon.
I signed up for livestream and have tried to keep up with many interesting sessions. In the meantime, here in Tokyo, we suffer from big snow Monday night and unusually cold days which have continued and will continue the rest of the week. It is not a big deal, compared with what the East coast of N. America and Davos Switzerland has experienced in the past several weeks. And yet, it still causes quite a bit of trouble getting around.
Many interesting topics have been discussed in Davos, it seems, such as Putting jobs out of work, Fake news and Real politics etc. etc. In a way I am glad I am here instead of there, but able to watch the webcast AND have an opportunity to discuss among ourselves in Tokyo the day after tomorrow at our session. Here it is if you are interested…

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