It is snowing in Davos on the second day.  We were lucky to have a beautiful clear (but COLD) day yesterday and I almost forgot about snow!  Moving around in the snow with many roads blocked is a challenge, particularly so when you need to go to different places for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The day started with Japan Brainstorming session over breakfast where some 30 Japanese people participated to share their impressions of the annual meeting and to discuss what we can do to make the presence of Japan felt more at Davos.  We also discussed how we can make WEF known better in Japan.

The Japan Brainstorming was followed by Asia Brainstorming at different place where there was standing room only.  It was one of the liveliest discussion so far where many ideas were presented for making Asia better represented with impact at the Forum.

There was a special session on Haiti at the Congress Hall where the President Bill Clinton made a speech about the collaboration Clinton Global Initiative and WEF have worked on.   Then I attended the lunch entitled “Open Borders: Travel, Trade and Development”.   I managed to speak up a few times at Japan Brainstorming, Asia Brainstorming and over lunch. (I was a reporter for our table.)

In the afternoon, I attended my favorite session, ideaslab on Global Redesign Initiative.  It is a fascinating session and I had a great time, joining the group on Disaster prevention.  I was able to share our experiences of earthquake etc.  I always have so much fun, brainstorming in the very interactive way.

This evening I have a meeting for the Workspace session I am scheduled to facilitate tomorrow morning (8:00 a.m.!) , followed by Japan Night, and dinner entitled the Job Factor.  It will be a long day, but stimulating.