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Yesterday, May 10, we hosted the Session #4 of “Davos Experience in  Tokyo” Series. The topic was Leadership for the 21st century and we  had over 40 participants. (Pre-registration was full and yet there are usually last minute cancellations and it was a good size.)  About half of them had participated before and the other half for the first time.

Several findings- quite a few people found out about the event through friends on face book.  Some of them found out at the last minute (and thus they had not watched the video of John Maeda,   his book or his tweet on leadership.)  We showed short video clip on Leadership in action and began general discussion.  I asked several questions and raised some issues on leadership and our own behavior etc.  Then we began breakout sessions in eight groups, so that many people would have an opportunity to speak up in smaller group, lead the discussion etc.

We live streamed the event and tried google hangout this time for the virtual discussion.  I joined the two students who were facilitating online discussion.   I found the on line discussion quite intriguing, as we talked about the impact of social media etc. on communication, one of the critical requirement/qualifications for the leader today.

We then did report back from all the groups and I was amazed how different issues had been raised in groups.  I learned a lot from the session, as some of the issues raised in the  breakout groups were new and insightful for me.   Here is the link to you tube of our discussion. (I will upload report back from the online discussion etc. soon.)

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    • Akira Ueno
    • May 12th, 2013

    It was another great session for me to find new ideas and action plan from next week.
    Group disscussion always stimulate me and give much energy and hints for tomorrow.

    Also it was good opportunity to think “Innovative leadership ” deeply as I grew up with authorized leadership. Am sure my leadeship style is still “authorized” and need to change to manage diversified team and organization.
    Looking forward next one
    Thanks a lot !

    • Yoko Ishikura
    • May 22nd, 2013

    Ueno san, thanks for your kind words. I have been fascinated by the way the discussion goes and how much new insights I receive by hosting this type of session. Hope you will join us next time.

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