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Last night, June 21, we hosted the session #5 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series.  The topic was “Shaping the image/perception of the country” and we asked the question, “Can Japan change?”   Despite the rain, we had over 30 people attending the session.

davod5wme84_oI started the session (after my students started the online session) by welcoming the participants.  I showed the result of the online votes to the question, “Can Japan change?”  We picked this topic as we thought it would be a relevant question as “Abenomics” has attracted much attention throughout the world. From my experience of attending the East Asia Forum and Japan Meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum and Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit 2013 as well as other executive seminars, many people seem to wonder whether Japan will transform itself.

I  asked the participants the same question, “Can Japan change?”   Majority answered “Yes”, while  several people responded “No.”    I asked those with “No” first   I explained the possibility that anybody could be  asked this question nowadays.  What I tried to get across to the participants is how active a role we can play in shaping the perception/image of the country by how we answer this type of question.

davlos5group1295_oSo we tried  role play in small groups.  I asked participants to play a role of the foreign press and the interviewee and repeated the process twice.  That way, we can make many people to participate in role play.

You can watch ustream video of this session, #5 of Davos Experience in Tokyo Series. I will write more about how we proceeded the session, but for now, please watch the video if you have time. Here is the link to the video.

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