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Davos 2015: The New Global ContextStarting tomorrow, January 21, is the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters in Switzerland.  This year’s main theme is “New Global Context” where many unprecedented geopolitical, economic and social events are taking place. World leaders from the government, business, academia and civil society will gather and discuss how we can resolve these complex issues over the next four days. You can take a look at the day-by-day highlights of the meeting here.

The annual meeting is exclusive and open to limited number of people (though it is getting quite big for small resort of Davos).
However, you can watch live webcast of majority of the plenary sessions where leaders discuss major issues of today and try to set the agenda.

What I personally think the best part of Annual Meeting, however,  is the brainstorming sessions and small group discussions not available on webcast, because you can participate actively in discussion rather than listening.

For this purpose, we started “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series two years ago where anybody can participate.

Session #22 of Davos… in Tokyo series is to be held this Friday, January 23 while  Annual Meeting is taking place. The topic is “how we can create the society where everybody can move freely.” This is somewhat similar to one of the major topics of “inclusive growth” at the  Annual Meeting. We will have Dr. Ken Endo, young global leader and CEO of Xiborg as our guest. Ken has been doing research of prostheses and trying to make them available to people in need.

We believe that “No people is broken” and want to create the society everybody can contribute in their own way. We believe it is the issue for every one of us.

At session #22, we will develop many creative ideas to attain this goal of inclusive growth. Please join us!  For details of the event and registration, please go to our website. Looking forward to seeing you in few days!

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