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snow The first day of Davos began in deep snow. My day began with meeting with WEF staff to prepare for private dinner tonight on Talent Mobility for Economic Growth. We plan to explain our report on Good Practices which just came out & discuss how to make the best of our activities. We are very excited about the report & also the launch of the repository of Good Practices which is available & accessible for everybody.

I hope we will have good discussion to move forward so that we can make an impact on the important topic of Employment & Growth, which is one of sub themes of Annual Meeting 2012.

The official opening will start in the evening, but there have been many interesting sessions held. I went to the session on “Europe beyond crisis” & also the session on the “Role of CEO in the future enterprise”. Comparison of business & political leaders was very interesting, as I heard comments such as that they can learn from each other, political leaders are trying outdated model of CEO, Chinese political leaders have done very well learning from business leaders,etc.

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