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Day 4 at Davos (my last as I am leaving early on Sunday) started with the breakfast meeting with the members of the Talent Mobility group (whom we did the Workspace session yesterday morning with) to decide on what to do next for our project.  There were some 15 of us (I am the only Japanese in the group.) As we  have worked together on the project over the past year or so, our meeting is very effective and efficient.  I am very excited about the next steps. It was held at the restaurant at the hotel high above the hill, the view was so pretty. (I will post the photo once I get software installed on my PC.)

WEOThe major plenary session in the morning was Global Economic Outlook Martin Wolf of the Financial Times moderated. Panelists included ministers/government officials  of various countries including France, U.S. and Japan together with the top management of financial institutions from Europe, China and India.  Conclusions I have gathered from the panel included 1) The world economy has been on the recovery, and yet it is still very fragile. Early exit from the stimulus could be a problem. 2) No consensus as to the new capitalism. Coordinated actions are needed for the regulatory reform of financial industries, and 3) Re-balancing of the world economy requires considerable effort and time and messy. I was also struck by the concern of the people regarding employment and the political issue the administrations are faced with in respective countries. I also realized that the speed is most critical in today’s world, for the political decisions.

WorldcupThe plenary was followed by the 2010 World Cup kick off.   Then I attended the session in Studio entitled “Hacker’s mind”.  It was the first time I attended the session in Studio and found it fascinating.  Hacker’s mind is important for invention, innovation and incredible “out of box” thinking required to resolve some of the global issues such as global health and climate change.

In the evening, the concert was held by the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra. They played two pieces by Beethoven and I enjoyed it very much. It was quite a change from rather serious note which had prevailed up until then.  The concert was followed by Gala Soiree.   As it was organized by the South Africa, we had drinks from South Africa etc.  After the cocketail at the big hall, address by the President of South Africa, we danced to the rock music by the band. Rock, we did!  I had so much fun, dancing away the night.

The Gala Soiree went on until the early hours of the morning. (I am at the Congress Center, waiting for the limousine bus to the Zurich airport at 7:00 a.m., and it is deserted!)   After all, I enjoyed the 40th Annual Meeting in Davos.

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