In the afternoon of the second day at Davos, January 27, I participated in the session entitled “Yes is More” by the architect from Denmark.  It was a very exciting and inspiring session as the architect discussed the concept of “Hedonistic Sustainability” (I did not know the meaning of the term, hedonistic, and looked up in the dictionary. Now I know what it means, the combination is even better!) and showed us many slides of his masterpiece.  Some are very innovative such as building the ski slope on top of the factory(I believe) in Copenhagen!   After his presentation, interesting Q & A session followed in which he talked about hundreds of failed projects (i.e. the ones not selected in the competition) and about dozen successful ones.  It clearly showed that innovation accompanies so many failures (not the other way round as there are so many failures!)  

  The last plenary was the special session with Bill Clinton, together with Professor Klaus Schwab.  Bill Clinton was here last year promoting the activities to support Haiti right after the earthquake.  Every time I hear him speak, I am always impressed how good a speaker he is and find his style very attractive and appealing.  His talk covered a wide range starting from Haiti to U.S. politics and Tunisia etc. I particulalry liked his advice to young leaders (which he  said he had repeated many times) to “Do something” rather than “Talk about the problems and issues.”  

  I then went to Japan Night which had a big turnout, Korean Night where I ran into one of ICS alumni (she works for the Federation of Korean Industries which hosted the reception) and on to Indonesia  Reception where I met with the Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu.  I promised her that I would be in Jakarta this June for the East Asia Forum.  It was a long day which began at 7:30 a.m., but was such an enjoyable one.