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As always the Congress Center and the whole town of Davos got very crowded once the program began, with traffic everywhere. In many cases, it is much quicker to walk.    It was good that the sun was out and it was not TOO cold in the afternoon.

I participated in the Professional Services Cross-Industry Meetings on Talent Mobility for Economic Growth.  We has some 40 people and after some initial remarks, we had breakout sessions.  It was nice to see quite a few people whom I had worked on one occasion or other. It was good that we had many new people, too.  As I reflect back on my initial remarks on skills, I felt that I could have explained our past work and  how we have come to the four specific items we wanted to brainstorm.  (I thought I explained the context during the Human Capital Context session in the morning.)

Then I went to the meeting with members of Education & Skills Council to plan our  year.  I thought it was a very good discussion as we were able to collect many specific good ideas.  It is nice to have all the people involved  at one spot in Davos, but it means that meetings  come one after another and things get a bit complicated. As the meeting took much longer than the plan, I missed the opportunity to go to Mercer’s meeting for their latest report.  (I walked to the hotel, only to find that there was none marked!) I also  missed the key note by C. Lagarde.

The first day ended with the  short stop at Harvard reception.  I got there late, just to catch the last part of the panel.  I saw Dr. Henry Kissinger there (who must be in their late 80s?).  Unlike in the past, I decided to go back to the hotel to get some rest. (I have tried  hopping from one reception to another until very late hours in the past, but this year, I am trying to get some rest as I have a series of meetings, brainstorming session and interview.)

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    • kobatake
    • January 25th, 2013

    Hi from Cairo.It sounds like Davos conference is very exciting. Although Nabe san mentioned the publication “On China” written by Dr. Henry Kissinger, I haven’t read it yet. I think he is a great man as a historian as well as a strategist and politician.

    • yokoishikura
    • February 19th, 2013

    Kobatake san, this is Yoko Ishikura. Thanks always for your comment. My apologies for not responding earlier. Did you see ustream of Davos in Tokyo? We will have another event on March 2. So stay tuned.

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