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 Yesterday afternoon (Jan. 22), I gave a brief talk to the group of Global MBA for Executives of Darden School, University of Virginia. I received MBA from Darden school a few decades ago.

When I received an inquiry about the session for the group scheduled to visit Japan in January, I accepted the invitation (even after the session, I am not quite sure about details of the program!)
I talked briefly about the status of Japan in terms of technology, demographics, skills and labor market etc. I was asked to talk for 30 minutes or so and take as many questions as possible. That is how I like my session, so I prepared an outline with many references to the articles/columns I wrote and to the interviews I did related to the topic to be distributed in advance.
I received many questions and some of them gave me new perspectives and food for thought. It is always good to address different groups and even better when they are engaged.
The only problem yesterday was that by the time I was finished, the snow was quite heavy and it took quite a while for me to get back home by subway. It appeared that people were asked to leave early so that they do not get caught in snow. As a result, the rush hour moved up just in time I was on subway.
I managed to get home, however, by when the streets were almost completely covered with snow. It was quite an eventful day!

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