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I came close to become a statistic in Milano yesterday.  After I took the city bus tour, hop on and off, around 3 routes in the city and did some shopping (what else, in Milano?) I came back to the hotel to leave my things.  I was getting tired (still somewhat jet lagged from a while ago) and wanted to have something light to eat.  As I had suspected, the restaurant recommended by the hotel staff would not open until 7:00 pm.  So I went to another place that is open, and had huge (did not know how big it would be ) salad and simple pizza with glass of wine. I was totally satisfied with the meal, had decaf cappuccino on the way back to the hotel.

When I almost reached the hotel, I felt something right behind my back.  It was a young man just about to snatch my purse from my handbag which was left open.  I caught him just in time and yelled at him in English.  He ran away and I was safe at the hotel with my purse intact.  I told the hotel staff what had happened.  I had asked them earlier whether I should carry my passport (for ID purposes) or keep it in safe. They suggested to keep it in safe. Now I understand why. (In the US, you need photo ID everywhere and I carry my passport-which lists both sir names- with me!)  I was in a bit of shock right after, but feel that I am so fortunate that it happened on the second day.  I will be more careful now.  (This incident reminded me of the time my late husband and I spent in Rome.  He was attacked by a group of Gypsy kids and he had to fight them away. I was quite scared then.)

Story #1 in Milano… Hope more happy stories will follow.

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