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I went to see the Japanese dance performance  by Umezuryu school last night at National No Theater off Sendagaya.  It was the first time I went to National No Theater.  I had gone to see Kyogen at Nogakudo at the Celurian Tower several weeks ago for the first time and was very impressed with the simple but beautiful architecture and the beauty of the Japanese performing art of Kyogen.

This time, my young friend who has Masters degree for Performing Arts Management in the UK invited me as she was involved in production.   I was very excited as I had just begun getting exposed to the Performing Arts in Japan and was very much looking forward to it.

The performance began with two short pieces which were very pretty. The last piece was the highlight of the night, danced by Takaaki Umezu himself and was just wonderful.  I loved the music, the dance, and the story in the total package of the hall, sophisticated audience and the whole atmosphere .  I was struck to find that the performance seemed to be so systematic, disciplined, holistic  and yet with some subdued passion.  You just enjoy being there.  I wish I had studied a bit more about the pieces and the Umezuryu school, and would do so for the next time.

It is the beauty of the performing arts, whether it is Japanese, European or American that inspires you.   The whole experience of being there and  sharing the moment  excites you tremendously.  I have found myself totally immersed and inspired. (I was quite tired when I got there, but I regained energy from the perfect dance by the professional. )   What a way to spend the evening!

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