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 I arrived in Dalian for the Annual Meeting of New Champions organized by the World Economic Forum.  This is my third visit to Dalian as the annual meeting (often called Summer Davos) has been held every other year in the city.  Dalian is a pretty city along the coast.

  It is not as hot in Tokyo these few days, but a bit cloudy.  (I believe the weather forecast is rain. I had thought it could be smog,  as I recalled the  situation in Tianjin last year. But it was simply cloud.)   The new addition to the terminal has been built at the airport and many high rises are being built, indicating the vibe of the city. 

  After checking in at the hotel, unpacking my suitcase in the very nice, big room (I even took the photo, as I wanted to show them to my parents!), I tried internet access.  I almost forgot about it, but I am not able to access my mail or tweet.  (I now recall the problem which I almost forgot. How quickly do we forget!) 

  I will try at the Conference center as I believe it worked there last time.  I have several deadlines I  need to meet this week and without the access to my mail, probably half of my task cannot be done.  This is what you face when you travel. (I also need to remember not to drink tap water when I travel.)   Many things you take for granted are not available in different countries, but we assume they are.  This may be one of the first steps to face the reality of the world today.

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