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1779912_1499850296944010_7817005340829593855_n Yesterday, October 12, we had Dai Fujikura, composer based?  in London as our guest for Global Agenda Series 2014 Session 4.
I wanted to have artists as our guest for GAS 2014 and asked Dai Fujikura to come. (I had not met with him before, but I had watched some video interviews and other articles on him and had been fascinated.)

10624893_1499688670293506_7645681008945831253_nThe 3-hr session itself as well as prep. meeting before and get-together after the session was such an exciting experience. He is so clear about what he wants to do (compose music!)  and actually doing it. I was so impressed with his passion for composing music, determination to be in charge (he said “control freak”) of the whole thing, continuous endeavor to try something new and different (often it goes against the “conventional wisdom” or “authority”) and his easy-going style of “being himself.”

We discussed many things including the transformation of “contemporary” music when it is created to “classics” after it survives the test of time, the paradox of constraint driving creativity, and kids when left along showing incredible creativity from his composition workshop in Soma city.  He also shared his source of inspiration being anything anywhere, i.e. If you have sensitivity, you can get inspiration anywhere.

10721398_1547819118769731_931612036_nAt the get-together afterwards, he charmed all of us with his warm and dynamic personality with great sense of humor and collection of metaphors. It was a memorable day for me…

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