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IMG_4425Today, December 29, we celebrated 93rd birthday of my Dad. His birthday was Dec. 22 but I was out of the country, so we had lunch 1 week later. (I came back last night.)

Three relatives and my friend came to join the celebration. My Dad looked well and he seemed to enjoy the occasion very much.

Sometimes I see how difficult it is to be 93 year old (difficulty walking, remembering etc. etc.), but he seems to be doing OK. I am glad we were able to celebrate, even 1 week later.

IMG_4427It was also a good occasion to get together with relatives whom I have not seen for some time. We looked at some old pictures (when we were in grade school etc.) and had fun. (Can you tell which one is me?”)

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    • D. Alan Williams
    • January 4th, 2015

    We are halppy to hear that you shared good memories with family and friends for your 93rd birthday. Best wishes,

    Lou and Alan Williams
    Charlottesville, VA

    • yishikura
    • December 29th, 2015

    @D. Alan Williams
    Did not see your comment until today, Dec. 29 2015! one year later. Thank you. I will write about this year’s birthday.

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