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I invited my 97 year old Dad to my place for dinner tonight.  I used to have him over every weekend until the middle of January this year, but he had flu and was not able to go out for some time.  While he was taking it easy, I visited him almost every weekend to join him for dinner at his senior residence.  As he seems to be doing better and I wanted to have Fathers’ day lunch at my place (it has been a tradition these few years Last year, my stepson and his daughter were with us, visiting from NY-see photo on the left), I asked care people whether he could come.

We followed the procedure as before, i.e.they called cab and told the driver direction to my place, I ask people at concierge at my place to let me know when he arrives.  I go down to get him on and bring him to my place to have dinner together.  It went fine today, though he is getting weak and having more difficulty walking.  I almost forgot the routine and had to rush to cook, set up the table, and get him when he arrived.

He has difficulty getting up, and does not talk much, but seems to have good time.  He seems to remember my place.  He had good appetite and even had cookie  with Sophia University logo with coffee.  (They gave me a box of cookies at the ASF last week and my Dad graduated from Sophia!)  He spent about 1.5 hours at my place and left.  It was good to have him over and I hope we can do our annual tradition of Fathers’ day lunch in two weeks!

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