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Few days ago, Curiosity landed on Mars successfully.  It was such an exciting event (despite all the excitement around London Olympics!), and I was so intrigued by the long effort and work to make it happen.    I was watching US TV showing the team at NASA standing up when the Curiosity successfully landed.  Many were hugging each other and some were crying.  It was such an emotional and inspirational scene, just to watch.

I could only imagine how much work has gone into making the Curiosity landing happen, and many obstacles the team had to overcome.  I understand it is such a difficult and delicate task to land Curiosity on Mars.  Thus the joy I watched meant even more.

What does “work” mean for each one of us?  Do we look forward to work days?  I think we work not only to make a living, but also to feel that each one us has something to offer to make the world a better place.  It is important to reflect why we do what we do, whether we love what we do.  It is also very important to ask ourselves whether we are making any progress.  It is rather difficult to set a milestone unless we work on the project such as Curiosity which has a clear mission and time table.  But most of us do that type of work.  How do we make sure that we feel the progress?  How do we describe our work to the children? Do we make them excited when we talk about what we do?   These are the questions which come to my mind.

Curiosity landing and the joy I saw has given me a lot to think about.

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