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Yesterday, March 18,  I went to hear Cross Talk for Arts and Science “Reality transformed” featuring two guests-Tetsuya Mzuguchi and Yoichi Ochiai.  I have been intrigued by both of them and when I found out about this event, I bought ticket right away.

I have known T. Mizuguchi for some time. The first time I saw him was at TEDxTokyo and I was fascinated.  Then I met him at several occasions including Innovative City Forum etc.  I also found out that he was teaching at KMD where I used to teach and joined one of his workshop class as I wanted to know how he explored “wants.”  I have followed his activities and have always been intrigued.  (I am not a gamer, and thus know little about game, but it seems that you need not be a gamer to appreciate the type of things he creates.  I knew he won the big prizes here and there with his Rez Infinite.(He was just back from SXSW.)

I met with Y. Ochiai at the ANA WonderFly event. (In fact we met several years ago at TEDxTokyo.)  I became so fascinated by what he does and read his books, went to his show etc.

So with these two people, how could I miss the opportunity of cross talk? I thought.  The talk was so interesting.

I had a few things I did not quite understand, but felt I had a glimpse of what is now available and what would come…I am so glad that I got to know these people!

A few things that caught my attention:

“Now ‘making” puts you ahead and makes a difference, and you can “make” immediately now due to technology.”

“You want to touch many people to spread the idea/concept and universities/grad schools are good vehicle”-which I totally agree. Beauty of being at educational institutions is to have people turn over every year and you can make an impact on so many of future generations.

“We may need to think of what and how to maintain now that we have such long life-even after we pass away.” -I happened to start thinking about succession plan myself as I wrote the other day. ”    “How ecosystem of trying something new is in place in the US, in particular, Silicon Valley, but there are many talents in Japan”

“Comparison of East and West reflected in UCHU and universe”

I was also very impressed with their interest and outlook of  using technology to address social/global issues.

So many interesting remarks.  I AM inspired!

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