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Space X Crew Dragon will launch early tomorrow morning (4:30 JST) after the first launch was postponed due to bad weather.  I am getting up early to watch the launch live.  (So it is time for me to go to bed!)  There will be live coverage from Florida and it is very exciting because this is the first launch from the US soil after 9 years. We can watch live here.

Launch is always such great spectacle.  It is too bad that people cannot be there to watch the launch due to Covid-19.  I recall my visit to Kennedy Space Center when I visited elderly couple (both in 80s) I met and played golf twice a week in British Columbia.  They invited me to stay with them and I visited Florida, going to Space Center, spring baseball camp etc. etc.  I know that the wife passed away several years ago, and not sure how the husband is doing.   I also have some friends from Florida and hope I can visit them in the near future.

Now it is time to get some sleep so that I can be up for the launch…

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