IMG_7042meatWhitneyYesterday, September 18, was the day I was exposed to a variety of creative programs in NYC. It began with the visit at the new Whitney Museum at the High Line. Several friends of mine recommended the visit and it was wonderful. The exhibit was entitled “America is hard to find” and covered a variety of pictures, installations, video etc.
I then walked back High Line up to the 34th street. It was such a lovely summer day that many people enjoyed the stroll along the High Line.
IMG_7066I then decided to try Citi Bike which I now find many places around NYC. It was a bit confusing as I was not quite sure how it worked and whether I could bike where there was no bike lane. Many cabs and cars were driving by, too. I managed to ride to 59th street and left the bike at one of the stands.
Then I met with GID students at the wine bar. It was great to see them (they just graduated and now looking for the job) and to catch up. (Forgot to take a photo!)
Last item of the day was the Arts of Score: Film week at the New York Philharmonic. It was very interesting IMG_7068program where the movie “On the Waterfront” was shown on a big screen behind the orchestra which played the tune live. It was so engaging! (I was fortunate to get the ticket which just turned up after all sold out for a while!)
Great day with lots of creative encounters…