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detbarGASIdea came up to me few days ago about reunion/get-together of Davos Experience in Tokyo and Global Agenda Seminar participants in New York City in August.
It so happens that I will be in New York for a week starting on August 19, with the main objective of going to Mostly Mozart concert featuring Dai Fujikura and of seeing my family. (I cut short my stay in British Columbia for that reason.)
Then it occurred to me that at Davos Experience in Tokyo series in January this year, a group came up with the idea of having a reunion/get-together in the summer in New York.  After some thought(for a few minutes), I thought probably we could try this idea, however crazy it might be!
Topics we discussed then (we tried to learn and use the cloud for group work with the help of Takeaki Kanaya) included something like. “Think of some fun ideas so that we can stick with our New Year Resolution.” “Think of the way to have reunion/get-together for the past participants of Davos Experience in Tokyo series and Global Agenda Seminar series–two series I host- to make the next phase of series more fun”.)
Groups came up with many interesting ideas. One of them was to have reunion in June (half way of the year 2016) in New York (as they know NYC is my favourite city I visit often). I liked the idea, and the idea was transformed to the item I offered at “Experience Auction.” i.e. spend several days in the summer in British Columbia instead of New York city (as I rent 3 bedroom place in BC, but not in NYC!)
So the plan to spend a few days in BC will take place in early August with two ladies coming from Tokyo (the third one had to cancel as she has work to do and cannot take a week off!)
Then I thought about the reunion/get-together idea in New York, as my itinerary changed and I will be in New York City.
So here is the updated plan. If any of participants of Davos.. or Global Agenda Seminar series happen to be in NYC during my visit, please let me know so that we can plan some get-together there. As my schedule is not firm yet (except August 23 for Mostly Mozart concert), the details need to be planned as I hear from the people. Let us see whether we can make this last-minute? crazy idea happen. It is always worth giving a try…

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