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IMG_4697 This afternoon, I went to see the show “Crazy for you” by Shiki Theatre group. The show started today after 3.5 years of absence in Tokyo and I was invited. This is the second time I see the show and it is such typical “American” story and show. It is fun, light, warm and has lot of dancing. (Many “traditional” Broadway shows seem to be on the story related to theater, unlike the recent shows and those produced in London.)

This show is particularly significant for me, as it exposed me to the strategy and operations of  Shiki Theatre group in 2003 when I first saw it. (I ended up writing a business case study on Shiki group.)  Before I saw the show in 2003, I had few experiences of seeing the show in Japan. It was because the level of performance seemed to be lower than that of Broadway and I was disappointed and quit going, except a few specific concerts and shows.

IMG_4701 I happened to go to see “Crazy for You” in 2003 and was amazed at the quality of performance. (I also found Tsutomu Arakawa, then playing Bobby Child, very different and professional. I had known him as one of “idols” many years before then.)

I enjoyed the show very much today, too.(Photo on the left is right after the show..)  I now notice few things for the first time such as how the elderly (Polly’s father) is depicted and how many famous Gershwin songs are used.  I am also very impressed that younger artists are playing major roles.

The Shiki group has a good rule of competition among artists and has considerable turnover of artists, which I think is very good, as new younger talents get opportunity. It was refreshing and fun Sunday afternoon. Here is the video of some dance scenes.

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