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Today, April 30, and the last day of the Heisei era, was a crazy day for me. During my daily workout in the morning, I felt somewhat heavy, probably due to the lousy weather. Despite the lack of energy (both physical and mental), I  continued my preparation for the keynote speech scheduled next week, while waiting for the reply from the organizer to my question I asked earlier.

I received inquiries late last night,  regarding the interview related to the end of the era etc. from two shows.  I replied this morning.

As for the keynote speech, even though I was quite lost in the piles of materials, I decided to write a draft.  (I figured it would be better for me to write down something, rather than doing nothing, just waiting for the reply. Besides,  I was pressed for time for other things.)  I went out to pick up some things in the rain, felt a bit better and set out to do other things for the upcoming brainstorming sessions.

I agreed to do the interview later, though it was a bit tricky as I had to record it on my iPhone and send it while I was talking on the other fixed line.  Though I followed this procedure few times before, I could not find the apps on my iPhone.  After spending some time, I finally figured out and we did the interview on two phones.

It was NOT the end of the story, however and  my day got even crazier.  I had a hard time sending the file of recording via email.  I felt bad because the person in charge had to call me on fixed phone several times, to tell me that the file has not arrived.  After about two hours of struggle,  we finally succeeded to do it using WhatsApp. (I had never used it before, so I had to learn how to download etc.)

Now it is 11:30 pm, and I am finally done for the day.  The end of Heisei era came to me with a bit of storm, but probably a step to learn new things… Hope for the new era Reiwa. Learning never ends…

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