As Covid-19 infections seemed to start showing some signs of hope in the UK, US etc. (while severe situation continues in India), listening to the media reports which traced the development of Covid-19 made me realize that Coral Princess was one of the early hot spots for Covid-19, (other than Wuhan, China.)   I almost have forgotten about the fact that Japan was one of the first countries (other than China) that had cases of Covid-19.  As I realize that we are still so much behind vaccination not only among G7, but also other advanced/developing economies, I could not but wonder what has been done in Japan.

I saw the article on the front page of Nikkei several days ago with the headline “What has been done for a year?” and other media reports that indicate the lack of systematic approach to contact and trace, monitoring the infections and “illusion” of good healthcare and hospital systems and logistics.  Many reasons and excuses have been made but, what is obvious is that we have little sense of urgency, absence of clear responsibility and authority for decision making and no transparency to speak of.

It almost looks as if we were out for lunch  for a whole year, doing nothing.

I believe we need flexible mind and some sense of humor when faced with unprecedented crisis like Covid-19 to develop creative and drastic solutions. It is not clear whether we have any left.  Lunch  for a whole year is a bit too much.