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I found out that the grocery store shut down this afternoon, as one of the staff workers there was infected. This is the grocery store I go for most of grocery shopping and have found very crowded with LONG lines at the register these several days.  All of a sudden, Covid-19 comes very close, I felt and am a bit concerned.

I had two zoom meetings today- one is regular weekly (we decided last week) meeting with my lady friends.  Two new members joined today and we had good discussion, covering a variety of fields. It took a while as we needed to get everybody’s devices to work, but we finally made it.

In the evening, I hosted SINCA Debate #2 session again using zoom.  (photo on the left)  This is the second time to do debate online, and it was very interesting.  I found that people who participated (some for the first time) seem to have enjoyed.  I am also hooked and want to continue.  We have many areas to improve, but we are moving forward.

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