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Last week I visited and talked with people who are over 90 years of age. Each one was very interesting, as each demonstrated the beauty of the life they had and now live. I felt elated when I realized that the total age of people I visited and talked reached 300!

Then this week, the whole thing turned. Yesterday(June 16), I did the workshop (called One Bridge Seminar) for the undergraduate students of Shibusawa Scholar Program at Hitotsubashi Kunitachi campus.
Today,(June 17), I went to Takatsuki to address the group of senior and junior high school students. Takatsuki high school is boys’ school, so my audience was mostly young men!

For the younger people, I talked about the status of the world today, new issues and challenges, as well as exciting potential of the world today and tomorrow.

Now I realize the wide range of age of the people I have interacted in the past week, I feel that those full of curiosity will prevail, regardless of age.

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