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I attended three shareholders meeting during the past seven days.  I joined the board of the two companies and resigned from one. Shareholders meetings have become quite active these days, as more shareholders attend the meeting and  many good questions are asked.  I personally think this is a very good trend. If no questions are asked, the objective of the meeting is half accomplished.

In addition to the questions raised, I have also noticed the difference in corporate culture at the shareholders meetings. Each one has the character to itself, somewhat reflected by the type of shareholders who attend the meeting.

Not only the difference in industries such as shipping, high tech and consumer packaged goods, but also the culture and leadership style of the companies appears to be quite different.

I am fortunate to be able to serve on board of different companies and to be given the opportunity to compare/contrast difference in culture and leadership style.

As I often write on the blog, I think it is  great for one to be exposed to different things, as it makes one to reflect and realize the need to have different perspective.  If one is exposed to different style and/or environment, it gives an opportunity for one to question “conventional wisdom” and/or “the way things are done around here.”

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