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I was listening to the podcast a day or so ago in which the journalist (I believe) who attended the Copenhagen Climate Summit gave the report.  His remarks were interesting in that he talked about two separate worlds– one, official and external world (which was reported by the media throughout the world, and participated by the leaders of the state, not clear progress to speak of) and informal and internal world  (which business people and civil society  etc. participated and was full of excitement, energy and hope.)

At any type of conferences and forums, these days, there seems to be at least two separate worlds.   If we depend solely on the traditional media such as newspaper, TV etc. we often get the reports of the external world.  And yet, what is exciting seems to be  found more in the informal world.  Some of what is going on in the informal world is now reported by the new media such as Twitter, blog etc.

It remains to be seen whether the two separate worlds remain apart, they will merge somewhat, whether both are known to the world etc. etc.  It is an interesting time with emerging media and technology.

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