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I find connecting people and being connected very powerful these days.  As I have met with many interesting people–mainly younger generation in 30s or so recently,  I have tried to connect them,  as I feel that there is a great potential that they can collaborate.

I also find myself being connected to interesting people whom I have never met through my friends.  As I reflect, that is how I have got exposed to many things, some of which I am dedicated to.

I come to think this way because of the following reasons.

1) All you need to connect people is to send them note, sometimes with cc to the people you are connecting, and other times after you get OK from those involved.  It is SO EASY in the era of ICT!

2) I feel great when my former students or friends from old days come by (or send me a note) saying that they have met with people that know me and the collaboration has begun.

It is wonderful that we are able to connect and be connected.  More on this later.

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