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Recently, I have had some opportunities to connect various initiatives for the relief and rebirth of Tohoku area which was damaged by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problem.

I met with several young people who have ideas to support the area through setting up fund for children, and offering programs to teach high school students etc.  Some go beyond the Tohoku area as they plan to create global organizations.  I am now in the process of connecting them with the companies and organizations/individuals which  are interested and have some resources.

I also received the offer to provide logistical support (bus, accommodations etc.)  to those who have plans to offer fun programs for the young people in the Tohoku area.  I happen to know some people at the company which is planning the tour in Tohoku area, so I sent several notes to connect them.  In a matter of  few hours, they get connected and the plan is underway. (I sincerely hope it will work out!)

Some other offers came from overseas.  I met with people overseas who  want to make some contribution, but do not know how and/or who came across with many bureaucratic red tape and almost gave up.  I have tried to connect them with the non-profit organizations I know that have worked in the area. I am yet to find out the progress and results.

It is a small effort, but I hope this will make the good will of people to go around and reach those who are in need.  The world is inter-connected, but we can connect the people and initiatives to make it better.

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