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As we informed through this blog a few times, last night (January 26), we hosted the session #55 of Davos Experience in Tokyo, the first of this series in the year 2018. We decided to hold the session on last Friday of January, as it is the last day of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, the original idea of this series over 4 years ago.
We had planned to discuss hot topics including the first visit by the US President, D. Trump, after about 2 decades (last time was when President Clinton was there in 2000, which was my first participation in Annual Meeting). Unfortunately, however, his speech was scheduled to start at 10 pm JST, so we showed a brief interview of President Trump with UK media only.
We also showed the video of interview of the CEO of Google by Professor Klaus Schwab and the session entitled “Meet the leader: Jack Ma”.
Jack Ma was very articulate and easy to follow with appealing message. Some of his comments include “Will World War III happen, as the past World Wars took place when the technology revolution took place?” and “Business-not only business, I believe- requires the balance of IQ, EQ and LQ.  These comments brought quite active discussion among the participants in Tokyo. You can watch the video below (It is quite long, so skim.)

We changed the format of Davos session last night as only small number of people registered, probably because not too many people are interested in the World Economic Forum (we have few media exposure in Japan as Prime Minister and cabinet members were not there) and/or very cold weather these days in Tokyo caused people to come down with flu etc.  Instead of waiting for the discussion to end for drinks and snacks, we ate/drank as we discussed AND I took those who wanted,  to Ark Hills Cafe (on me!) for informal,casual chat (over wine & some snack.)

Small groups work well as we get to know each other much better and talk. I am grateful to those who came and hope they had fun.  Our next session is scheduled for Friday, March 2.  We will announce the topic and venue soon. It will be fun topic.

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