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Recently, I had exciting experience of  getting connected with several people that I have not seen for a long time.  One was the person I worked for about almost two decades ago at the consulting company. I completely lost track of his whereabouts, but found the note from him several days ago.  (As I did not have time to review his note well, I missed the opportunity to respond in time.)

Another was the kind note and a book I received from the person I met last year.  It was in the form of traditional letter, but he remembered the occasion we met and sent me one of his books.  His note gave me very nice warm feelings.

Then the other day, I received a comment on my blog from the person I met last year.  It was a happy surprise as we communicated briefly last year, but not since.  (In fact, I  bought his book, read and meant to send him a note,  but did not as I needed some more time to collect my thoughts.  His thesis is very insightful and quite provocative that I needed some time to let it develop, which I have NOT done.)

These are just some simple examples how much benefit we receive from advanced technology (e-mail is so common now that it is hardly perceived as “advanced technology”)  AND  traditional medium such as letter.    In a way, I feel that the technology makes it easy to get connected AND reminds us of the value of keeping in touch, regardless of the medium.   What an interesting world and era we now live in!

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