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As mentioned earlier, we will host the session #20 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Triumph International Japan office on Friday, November 21. The topic is “How we can promote the concept of female confidence.”

I went to Dubai, UAE twice in the past 2 weeks–the first to serve as one of the panelist at Arab Women Leadership Forum and the second as a member of Global Agenda Council.

“Inclusive growth” is a key task we face today and its key ingredient is female confidence, I am increasingly convinced. I also think that we need to develop creative and innovative ideas for action to promote female confidence, and to be exposed to the big picture of  “inclusive growth.”

Confidence building in the era of fast change and inclusive growth is something WE ALL need.

Everybody is welcome, regardless of gender, age, nationality etc. Register today at our website.  If you want to see how Davos.. series is done, check our video on our archive section.

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