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Yesterday (July 24), I participated in one of the parallel panels at the 15th International Conference for Women in Business in Tokyo.  As I am in British Columbia, I participated via Twitter.  The topic of the panel was indeed “Lifestyle change with Twitter”.

It turned out to be a very exciting experience for me after all, but it was a struggle to get there.  This conference organized by Ms. Kaori Sasaki has been a major undertaking over the past decade.  I participated as special speaker for lunch several years ago and also panelists several times.  When invited by Sasaki san, I asked whether I could participate via Twitter this year, as I am out of the country on the day of the Conference.

My idea was to use Twitter for the panel on Twitter.  I had no idea whether it would be possible and what kind of technical arrangement would be needed.  But I proposed the idea to Kaori san who agreed to let me participate.

I was getting quite worried these past few days as the day of the Conference came near, but  I was not sure how it could work.  I found out my knowledge of use and business application of Twitter (the main topic of the panel) was quite limited.  I struggled through by asking questions to my friends etc. right before.  I also tried to study articles etc. on the business use of Twitter, in addition to the talk and seminars  I recall I had attended on business use of Twitter and other Social media.

It seemed to work, after all!  I was in British Columbia, listening to the panel via Skype on iPad, revising and posting some of the Tweets I had prepared in advance and had saved (I now know how to do it!) and adding new Tweets, trying to keep up with the flow of discussion.  As it was getting to be close to midnight BC time (afternoon Tokyo time), it was quite challenging to have two PCs open, with iPad for listening in, and writing message in 140 letters of less.

I had a great time, after all, and learned a lot of new things, thanks to Kaori Sasaki san, Minako Kanbara san and Nao Sato san, my fellow panelists. (I had not met with Kanbara san and Sato san yet, in person, but I will.)   I may become more hooked from now on Twitter.  It is always a lot of fun to try new things, no matter how challenging it may be and how much you have to struggle in the process!

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