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concert  Today, May 29, I went to the concert entitled “Dream” held at Hospice Peace House in memory of Kenichiro Tokunaga, cellist.  It was the second time I attended the Dream concert. (I went two years ago, but my overseas trips prevented me from attending it last year.)

  As typhoon was coming and the heavy rain was forcast, I had wondered whether I should go or not. (Peace House is located out of Tokyo in Hatano/Ninomiya are, about 1.5 hour train ride.)  Though it was raining hard, the concert was fabulous and I felt that I have regained new life. 

  We had Ms. Tomoko Kato, violinist, accompanied by piano by Ms. Shigeko Hiroumi. They played six pieces in cluding Brahms, Beethoven and Ravel.  It has been a while since I was at the concert, but the excitement and inspiration came back to me quickly.  The music is so inspirational and touches something deep in your heart. 

   Some patients at the Hospice were among the audience listening quietly to the beautiful music.  I could feel that the warm feeling and deep love everywhere at the Matsumoto Memorial Hall.  When they played the last piece, I felt as if my mind becomes free, looking for the loved one that is not with me any more.  I felt that those who were present shared the same feeling.   I felt so refreshed and felt like a human being again.

  Though Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, director of the Peace House, was not there due to the emergency, I had a chance to talk with Mrs. Tokunaga about her NPO “Bringing live music to children.”   I was so impressed to find out that the concert is the 15th of its kind and also hear that it will continue. (Dr. Hinohara will be 100 years old soon!)    It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon away from the city and away from the busy, “pressed for time” lifestyle.  What a luxury!

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