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img_2048Yesterday, December 10, I went to Soma city, Fukushima prefecture, to attend the composition workshop.  Dai Fujikura, my artist friend, was teaching kids music composition with Shamisen artist, Hidejiro Honjo.  This series is organised by El Sistema Japan and sponsored by LVMH.  I have heard about the series many times from Dai and have always wanted to see it myself.  As the date worked this time, I jumped onto the opportunity and went to Soma with Tohoku Shinkansen.

15419597_10154884593114172_1201955360898086562_oWe stopped over at Sendai briefly to hear part of the Soma Children’s Chorus (just rehearsal!) and went to Soma city where the ceremony was held to commemorate the restoration of the route from Sendai to Haranomachi after five years.

15385381_1362423500457677_8559105069226843325_oI had never composed any music and almost forgot how to read score!  With very short introduction, we were supposed to write something!  I had NO idea, but decided to try.  Honjoh san played the tune as we composed.  (It was very exciting!)  Kids are so fast and so natural.  I love learning something new and found the experience very exciting.   You can tell from the video and the photo.

I got to talk with Hidejiro san and it turned out that we were in New York around the same time a few months ago.  It is always fun to meet with new people and hear about new things.  I found it fascinating to find that you can store Shamisen by unloosening some parts and taking off strings! I had thought you needed to put in the big case as is like other musical instrument.   Always something new to find…

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